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The Midas Touch – turn your fundraising efforts to gold

This practical AMA day-long workshop will be held at the Resource Centre, London on 3rd March 2009, St David’s Hall, Cardiff on 5th March, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester on 17th March and on 26th March at City Halls, Glasgow.


 This practical AMA workshop is for those relatively new to fundraising, those with an element of fundraising in their role and those who are interested in learning more about their fundraising colleagues' responsibilities. It will aim to dispel the mystique of fundraising and show that anyone can fundraise successfully provided they follow some simple rules.

Lead by Sarah Gee, managing partner of Indigo it will cover fundraising from charitable trusts and foundations; membership schemes and high level giving; corporate sponsorship and patronage schemes; events and other one-off projects. 

 By the end of this course, delegates will have:

·       a working knowledge of the many different ways to raise funds,

·       learnt how best to apply that knowledge,

·       learnt how to plan a fundraising strategy, write applications and proposals,

·       a clear understanding of what not to do when trying to attract funds.  

The cost for AMA members is £129 + VAT and non AMA members £185 + VAT.  For further information go to ( ), e-mail [email protected] or call 01223 578078.