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Branding for Museums

We're approaching a new age for museums: not institutions but places of exchange, not cathedrals but bazaars. Museums therefore need to rethink how they work, and how branding can help them.

To develop this thinking, the brand consultancy Wolff Olins, surveyed just over a hundred senior museum marketers at the Communicating the Museum conference, organised by Agenda in Venice in June 2008.

This research shows that, though branding is still a dirty word in 23% of the museums in their sample, most museums are adopting the idea of branding, and five are recognised as big brands: Tate, MoMA, V&A, Louvre and
Guggenheim. But there's still a huge job for branding to do: 47% of delegates said their museum has huge potential but is largely unknown.

At the same time, museums are starting to change. They're becoming platforms for people, not just institutions: 55% want to be a useful resource, 64% want to do more in partnership, and 42% aim to be more multi-cultural. This implies a new kind of museum, needing a new kind of branding.

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