I think David Cameron’s been reading my blog…

So here in the UK we are to spend £2m on finding out what makes us happy – putting aside money that is. David must have read Envisioning the Good Life (October 11th ) and acted swiftly although I didn’t mean to suggest we needed to spend a lot of money finding out what makes us happy – I was really enthusing about a new way of thinking and a new economic model more suited to the age in which we live.

Of course most of us need money, and some of us need money to develop creative ideas and get them to an audience or market. David Parrish gets my shout of approval this week for lauching a new discussion group on crowd financing for creative enterprises. You can follow the discussion here. I think you can access the page without joining the T Shirts and Suits Network but you might need to sign up – it’s free – and you can do so here.

Take your pick – there’s discussion and lots of it including quite detailed info from people who’ve successfully raised money this way. There’s links to websites already acting as platforms for people wanting to raise money – you can see how well they’re doing and the kinds of projects that suit this way of doing things. Thank you David (P that is) for putting it together – I’m just off to find my crowd…



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