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Changing education paradigms. Yes please!

By coincidence I got two emails yesterday, both featuring Sir Ken Robinson. One brought news of the upcoming Earlyarts Annual International Un-Conference, at which Sir Ken is the keynote speaker. The other was from our very own guest blogger Bev Morton with a message saying ‘I think you’ll like this’ – and a link to a presentation by Sir Ken. Well I did like it. I liked it so much I re-played it again today and then I thought I’d pass it on. So here’s the link.

Suffice it to say that evidently 98% of pre-school children are ‘genius’ divergent thinkers. After that alas, they get educated.

If you’d like to find out more about the Earlyarts Annual International Un-Conference, you’ll find it on our events page here.

We seem to be on a roll here – nurturing creativity, collaboration (the stuff of growth), and how they come together. Once again – happy week-end to you all.

nurturing creativity

Maybe I’m alone in that I’ve only just doscovered TED. But in case there’s even one of you in the universe who hasn’t yet navigated to or stumbled upon this lovely spot…here’s the link. I recommend Elizabeth Gilbert who likens creativity to asking someone to swallow the sun.

Happy week-end!

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