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IFACCA’s Good Practice Guides

IFACCA is growing its collection of good practice guides for arts councils, ministries of culture, and other funding bodies (see news post March 23rd 2010).

The guides are designed to ‘review, inform, and improve their key functions’. The current database has been built up over the last two years, and is freely available from the IFACCA website, and details on what IFACCA are looking to add are on the IFACCA announcements page.

Can this kind of policy sharing work for your own organisation? Or is it more likely to inform your own practice and that of other interested colleagues?

Creative Industries – China

Follow news on China’s arts and cultural sector and Chinese creative industries nationwide and across the world, on the Creative Industries Times site.

Recent headlining events:

Pianist Li Yundi on tour in London

Harvard Shanghai Center’s relationship building with China

Cultural Exchange exhibition celebrating the work of the 16th century  missionary Matteo Ricci and Italian renaissance art.

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