Q. How can I access the latest issue of Arts Research Digest?

Subscribers can search the Digest repository by theme, date or issue of the Digest. To find a particular issue, go to the Issue Preview page or enter “Issue 50″ (substitute the issue number you require) in the Archives search terms box.

Select “Issue (50) Editorial”. From this post you can either download the editorial or download the entire issue as a pdf. You can save this or print as required.

Q. What’s the difference between registering for the site and subscribing to the Digest?

Subscribers: New subscribers must also register for the site. This enables you to manage your passwords and contact details, and sign up for our newsletter. These details are stored securely online to guarantee the privacy of our site users.

Non subscribers: Registering enables you to sign up for the newsletter. The message “Your account is not currently subscribed. Purchase subscription now” will appear on the top right hand corner of the site, with a hyperlink to our subscription page.

Q. I’d like to test out the site before I subscribe. Can I have a trial subscription?

We are happy to offer free 24 hour trial subscriptions. Please use the “contact” form to request a trial and let us know when you would like the 24 hour period to start from.

Q. How long do I have before my subscription runs out?

Log in to the site and a message will appear in the top right hand area of the screen counting down the days until your subscription expires. This message offers you the option to “top up your subscription”.

Q. Can I change my username and / or managed user username?

At the moment we do not have the option to change usernames, although we are hoping to develop this facility as soon as possible. Uernames are currently set as the email address of the account manager at the time the subscription was taken out.

Q. How do the multi-user logins work?

Each subscription is split into two levels of access: account manager and managed user. Once a subscriber has registered for the site and received confirmation their payment has been authorised, they can view their account details online. The managed user login is displayed above the personal details form.

Managed users can access all areas of the site except the account details. Account details, including passwords can only be viewed and changed by the account manager. However, managed users can register independently for the site and subscribe to our newsletter.

Q. What are the “partner archives”?

Arts Research Digest online co-hosts the electronic archives of research reports from the five arts councils, enabling our site users to find the resources they need at a single search.

Q. What areas of the site are for subscribers only?

In addition to the electronic archives of the five arts councils, the editor’s blog, news and events, and all other site areas, Subscribers receive exclusive access to our literature reviews , each new issue of Arts Research Digest and our full online repository, covering sector leading research since 1994.

Non-subscribers are free access all site areas except the Arts Research Digest archive and our literature reviews.

Should an issue arise that is not covered here or requires further input from us, please do not hesitate to contact us here.  

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. Please contact us here with your feedback.