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Articles published in the Education section of the digest
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A Beginning, Middle and End?: A study of the work of writers in education
A Learning Culture?: Trends in vocational education and training in the cultural sector
A National System of Local Music Education Services. Report of a Feasibility Study
A report on music making for after-school groups in Calderdale
A Report on the Work of Touring Companies and Venues in Education and Audience Development
A Shared Experience
A Sound Investment
A statistical survey of regularly and fixed-term funded organisations based on performance indicators for 2000/2001
A Survey of Borough-based Arts Education Networks in London
A Survey of Live Music Staged in England & Wales in 2003/04
A Survey of Media Education in Schools and Colleges
A Third Tier of Television
Access, participation and progression in the arts for young people on Detention and Training Orders
Act Up! The Impact of Youth Theatre on Young People’s Learning
Acting With Intent
Aims in Motion: Dance Companies and their Education
All our Futures: Creativity, culture and education (UK)
An Audit of Digital Media Services in Scotland’s Tourist, Sporting and Cultural Organisations 2005
An Evaluation of Educational and Training Provision for the Cultural Sector in Sweden
An Evaluation of the Effects of Education and Marketing Activities on Passive Participation in the Arts
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