Visual & Applied Arts

'White Goods' Contemporary Crafts Showcases 1999: Summary and Conclusions of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Reports
'Year of the Arts 1998': Education evaluation
A Creative Business? Towards Understanding the Livelihood Strategies of Visual Artists in the North of England
A curriculum for artists
A Study of the Impact of Visual Arts UK on Artists in the Northern Region
Across the Learning Divide: Adults learning in the arts and crafts
An Enquiry into Young People and Art Galleries
An Investigation into the Programming of Arts Centres
Art at the Centre Phase II
Art Historical Methods & their Application to Studio-Based Teaching in Schools
Artist in Residence Evaluation Programme
Artists at Work 1999: A study of patterns and conditions of work in the Southern Arts region
Artists in Residence Evaluation Programme
Artists in Schools: Pilot Development Project
Artists Networking Development
Artists Rights Programme. A Review of Artists' Earnings for Exhibitions and Commissions
Artists Rights Programme. Taxation and Employment Status of Visual Artists
Artists Studio Development in Preston: Pre-feasibility research
Artists' Workspace & Resources
Artists-in-Research 1996-98
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