Management and Training

... as Broadcast in Beijing Merseyside ACME: A Social Impact Study
A New Partnership?: TECs and the Voluntary Sector
A Sense of Belonging
A Snapshot of Creative Industries on Merseyside
A Training Strategy for Artists in Education in the Yorkshire and Humberside Region
Access, Efficiency and Excellence Measuring Non-economic Performance in the English Subsidised Cultural Sector
An Evaluative Report of Arts in Prison
An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
Arts & Diversity in the Labour Market
Arts & Health Handbook: a practical guide
Arts and Entertainment Workforce Development Plan
Arts Skills 2000 Skills and Trends Forecasting
Arts Skills 2000: Labour market changes, skills needs and skills forecasts in the arts sector
Arts Training in Merseyside
Beyond Their Walls:
Black, Asian and minority ethnic leadership
Breightmet Arts Impact Assessment Set-up Year 1999-2000
Breightmet Arts Social Impact Study 1999 -2002. Summary
Built-in, not bolt-on: engaging young people in evaluation
Bullying and Arts Management
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