decibel Evaluation: key findings
Determined to Dialogue: A survey of arts in health in the Northern and Yorkshire region 2001 -2002
Environments for Quality Care
Fit to Dance? The report of the national inquiry into dancers' health and injury
Funding the Arts in Hospitals: A Survey of 176 Hospitals in England
Healing Arts: The History of Art Therapy
I Talk Now: A report on the Bristol Health & Community Arts Project
Invest to save
Invest to save: Arts in Health Evaluation
Me, Myself, I: Awareness Through the Arts
Measuring the similarity among leisure activities based on a perceived stress-reduction benefit
Music Against Drugs: an evaluation of a drugs prevention diversionary activity
Object Therapy
Psychological Stress & Musicians in the Workplace Working title USA
Shared Territories
Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy
The Architectural Healthcare Environment and its Effects on Patient Healthcare Outcomes
The Art of Health: Promoting cultural partnerships in care
The Arts in Primary Health Care
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