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arts research ltd

Arts Research Digest

Arts Research Digest provides a unique overview of recent and current research
in the arts, media and cultural sectors of the United Kingdom, Europe, Australasia
and North America.

It offers a vital information resource for arts managers, arts practitioners, arts
organisations, policy makers, academics, consultants, researchers and funders.
Each issue summarises a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research
produced and published by academics, arts funding and development agencies,
government departments, higher education institutions, local authorities
and others.

It is published three times a year in spring, summer and autumn and is
available by subscription only.

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The Digest provides summaries in the following subject areas:

Market & Marketing Research
Management & Training
Performing Arts
Visual & Applied Arts
Film, Video, Broadcasting & Digital Media
Literature, Libraries & Publishing
Museums & Heritage

Click on any subject area to download a sample summary PDF file.

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Each entry includes full details on research objectives, methodology, contents
& findings, full referencing and contact and ordering information. There is also
cross-referencing to relevant research in other subject areas.

Other sections provide details about other new and recent publications and
about forthcoming conferences and seminars in the arts and cultural fields.
There are also occasional free supplements on particular subjects and
each year we produce an annual index.


Subscribers to Arts Research Digest work in universities and colleges, local
authorities, arts and media organisations, arts consultancies and research
units, arts funding agencies and government departments.

Our subscription profile is:

22% Arts & media organisations
21% Local authorities
21% Universities & colleges
16% Consultants & researchers
10% Funding & government agencies
10% Others

Arts Research Digest provides a thorough and extensive survey
of current data. It is an invaluable resource in the development
of our own research work.

Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts,
Manufactures and Commerce

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Arts Research Limited

Arts Research Limited is a registered charity (No 327459) and a company
limited by guarantee (No 2105696).

It was established in 1987 to facilitate the exchange of information and the
practice of research in the United Kingdom and abroad, within and about
the arts and cultural sector.

It seeks to:
" increase knowledge and awareness of current arts research
" encourage and facilitate the dissemination of research findings
" improve standards in the conduct of arts research
" strengthen the network of those engaged in undertaking and
commissioning research

It does this through a range of activities including a seminar programme and
the publication of the Digest.

Registered office:
Arts Research Limited
52 Norland Square
London W11 4PZ

Trustees & Advisory Council

Arts Research Limited is managed by a board of trustees, all of whom have
wide experience in the arts and cultural fields.

Chair: Denys Hodson
Sarah Havens
Phyllida Shaw
Stephen Boyce
Andy O'Hanlon
Michelle Reeves

Arts Research Limited also has an Advisory Council of distinguished
academics and researchers who provide expert advice and guidance
for the company and the Digest.

Chair: Dame Janet Ritterman
Director, Royal College of Music
Paul Allin
Director of Integration & Harmonisation Division, Office of National Statistics
Christopher Bailey
Head of School of Humanities, University of Northumbria
Oliver Bennett
Director, Centre for the Study of Cultural Policy, University of Warwick
Stuart Davies
Director of Strategy & Planning, Resource
David Fisher
Editor: Screen Digest
Christopher Gordon
Jane O'Brien
Head of Lifestyle and Special Projects Group
Pauline Scott-Garrett
Arts & Museums Manager, Milton Keynes Council