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arts research ltd

Trustees & Advisory Council

Arts Research Limited is managed by a board of trustees, all of whom have
wide experience in the arts and cultural fields.

Chair: Denys Hodson
Wendy Baron
Dudley Coates
Sarah Havens
Madeline Hutchins
Simon Olding
Phyllida Shaw
Michelle Reeves

Arts Research Limited also has an Advisory Council of distinguished
academics and researchers who provide expert advice and guidance
for the company and the Digest.

Chair: Dr Janet Ritterman
Director, Royal College of Music
Paul Allin
Director of Integration & Harmonisation Division, Office of National Statistics
Christopher Bailey
Head of School of Humanities, University of Northumbria
Oliver Bennett
Director, Centre for the Study of Cultural Policy, University of Warwick
Stuart Davies
Director of Strategy & Planning, Resource
David Fisher
Editor: Screen Digest
Christopher Gordon
Jane O'Brien
Head of Which? Research, Consumers' Association
Pauline Scott-Garrett
Director, Chatham Vision