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In Arts Research Digest  issue 50, we cover sector-leading research into how arts organisations, businesses, trusts and foundations, government agencies and public-private partnerships are reinventing themselves in the face of restricted income and a ‘rationalised’ workforce, to use a euphemisim from the last recession.

Pundits and policy-makers use the term ‘Creative Industry’ as though it referred to a coherent production stream, a material process with the revolutionary power of steam, manufacturing jobs, fuelling social mobility and stoking the old economy into yet another boom. But despite the attractiveness of the concept, there is little agreement on the businesses from which ‘Creative Industry’ derives. The inclusion of non profit organisations is often taken for granted; yet without profits to be taxed, how can they be expected to prop up the economy?

Issue 50 includes summaries of 30 recent research reports, covering a wide range of sector-relevant topics, from children’s media literacy and volunteering at the European city of Culture events, to short film production in the UK.

As ever, we hope you find the work covered in this issue useful, prescient and inspiring.

Ann Winter


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