Advancing the Arts: How Arts and Cultural Organisations Innovate

2nd June 2010, 12:30 - 15:00
Location: NESTA Plough Pl. EC4 A1

Arts funders and policymakers increasingly call on arts and cultural organisations to be more innovative. Yet, what does innovation mean in an arts and cultural context? What types of innovation should arts and cultural organisations be doing that they are not already doing? How can the arts and cultural sector use new technologies to widen and deepen their audience reach and develop the art form? What new methods can arts and cultural organisations use to measure their cultural as well as economic value? Braced for the tightest fiscal environment for many years, both arts leaders and funders urgently need answers to these questions. In a new report by Hasan Bakhshi and the cultural economist David Throsby – drawing on results from experimental research with the National Theatre and the Tate – NESTA tries to address this challenge. To mark the report’s launch, NESTA is bringing together leading arts and cultural practitioners, funders and policymakers to hear the report’s main findings and debate its recommendations for arts funding and policy. The panel will be chaired by Jonathan Kestenbaum, CEO of NESTA and made up of arts leaders including Nicholas Hytner, Director of the National Theatre. To register for this event, please visit

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