Intercultural Cities: Towards a Model for Intercultural Integration


The 2008 Intercultural Cities Programme is one of the Council of Europe headline projects concerned with acting across borders, including traditional policy borders.

This 124 page publication comes out of a two year pilot phase study, bringing together experiences in 11 cities across Europe. It looks at intercultural integration in practice, examining its effect on policy, governance, citizenship and related issues. It reviews processes facilitating intercultural strategies and presents a wide range of examples from the pilot cities.

This work aims to inform development of a model for intercultural governance and local level management, looking to ‘strengthen community cohesion and develop coherent strategies for public policy and social engagement in culturally diverse cities’. It contains definitions of key terms, diagrams and text broken down into headings and sub headings, making it easy to navigate through the policies, rationales and agendas.

Intercultural Cities is available for purchase from here: Intercultural Cities – Towards a Model for Intercultural Integration

 Reviewed by Jennifer Hinves School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria University.