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In issue 48 of Arts Research Digest we reflect on some of the changes currently affecting our sector, particularly digitalisation and youth participation, and a clear emphasis on ‘localness’ and community generated events, projects and organisations, emerges throughout this research.

Increasing digitalisation and economic uncertainty have revealed the power of genuine local engagement to withstand economic crisis. Renewed interest in the ‘local’ also marks a decisive move away from centralisation, towards a more dynamic, responsive model of organisation and engagement. In business terms, this shift has radically altered retail and distribution markets, and forced companies to reorganise and restructure.

The research featured in this issue challenges traditional assumptions about leadership and particularly the modern ethos of arts management qualifications, including illustrative case studies that examine different creative strategies and tactics observed in, for example, artists’ practice, which could inform new models of business organisation and management.

We hope the research included in issue 48 of Arts Research Digest is interesting, prescient and inspiring for all our subscribers.

We are always happy to receive comments or feedback from our readers and website users which may help us improve our service.

Ann Winter


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