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Arts Research Ltd Seminar Programme, 2000-2002

Seminar No 2: The Impact of Education Work on Artists' Practice

The second Arts Research Seminar is scheduled to take place in London on 24 May 2001. It will look at the extent to which the large body of research into the arts and education is influencing the practice of artists, educationalists, arts managers, policy makers and funders.

Every year, thousands of artists are engaged in arts projects with educational objectives. The Year of the Artist has created even more opportunities in this field. In some cases, the work is being initiated by artists, in others they are being employed by arts or educational organisations to take on a particular role.

Much has been written about what role of the artist in education might be and in the past twenty years, a considerable volume of research has been undertaken, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, into different dimensions of arts education work. There have been reports on the work of artists in schools and their role in out-of-school activity; researchers have looked at the role of the arts in education outside the school system and at the place of the arts in lifelong learning.

The focus of most of this research has been on the educational benefits of working with artists. But what are researchers telling us about the impact of education work on artists' practice? This is the focus of this second Arts Research Seminar.

The seminar is especially aimed at artists working in education, anyone who describes themselves as an arts education worker or animateur, funders of arts education work, policy makers, students and academics with an interest in this field.

The day will take the form of a 'working party'. All participants will receive a briefing pack beforehand, containing three short papers on the subject and a literature review of relevant research. The briefing pack and the format of the day are designed to enable everyone, whatever their previous knowledge or experience of arts education work, to consider the issues and contribute to the debate.

For a booking form please contact the Arts Research Digest office, School of Humanities, Faculty Office: Squires Building, University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST; tel: +44 (0) 191 227 3894; fax: +44 (0) 191 227 4572; e-mail: [email protected]