National Arts Sponsorship Survey 1998 (IRL)


Cothú (The Business Council for the Arts); Electricity Supply Board;

Farrell, Grant, Sparks
(1998) Dublin: Cothú, 32 pages, IR£40.00


National Arts Sponsorship Survey 1998 (IRL)

To survey arts organisations and events in Ireland, in 1998, to determine the level of business sponsorship of the arts nationally; to establish general trends and characteristics particular to different artforms, organisation sizes and business sectors.

A postal survey questionnaire sent to 845 arts organisations. The response rate was 52%. Information pertaining to an additional 50 arts events and activities was sourced through direct contact with the sponsors, or those involved in the administration.

Introduction; Key highlights; Summary of survey results; National profile of arts organisations; Where do the different artforms source their sponsorship?; How do different businesses categorise allocate their sponsorship?; What types of business categories sponsor in different regions?; Size of arts organisation and level of sponsorship; Projects involving young people and arts festivals; Number and term of sponsorships; Appendices.

The survey found that business sponsorship in the Republic of Ireland amounted to £10.2 million in 1997. Business sponsorship for the arts grew by 38% between 1995 and 1997. Cash sponsorship continues to be the dominant form of sponsorship representing over £7 million. The growth overall in business sponsorship is due to a combination of increasing levels of existing sponsorship and a growth in the number of arts organisations successfully sourcing sponsorship. Banks, building societies and food and beverage companies remain the largest sponsors of the arts, accounting for 38% of all arts sponsorship. Sponsorship by energy companies more than doubled between 1995 and 1997. Manufacturing, construction and property were the only industry sectors to decrease their sponsorship of the arts. The principal beneficiaries of sponsorship are the visual arts and classical music which account for 27% of all arts sponsorship. Projects involving young people attract the highest levels of sponsorship. The concentration of arts organisations in Dublin and along the southern and western seaboards of Ireland is reflected in the high levels of sponsorship in these regions compared to the midlands and the eastern seaboard. Twenty six percent of those receiving sponsorship received less than £2,000, with 48% receiving between £2,000 and £20,000 and 26% receiving in excess of £20,000.

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