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Minne och Bildning: Museernas upp-drag och organisation Memory & Training: Museum Purpose & Organisation
Museum, Media, Message
Museums Education Initiative Case Studies and Project Appraisal
Preserve or Destroy: Tourism and the Environment
Towards the Museum of the Future: New European Perspectives
The 24-Hour City
Crossing Borders: Measures Encouraging the Mobility of Artists and Artworks in Europe
Cultural Economics and Cultural Policies
Cultural Policy in Austria
Cultural Policy in the Netherlands
The Employment & Economic Significance of the Cultural Industries in the Temple Bar Area of Dublin
Ego Trip: Extra-Governmental Organisations in the UK and their Accountability
European Journal of Cultural Policy
Local Authority Arts Survey
Making Youth Arts Work
Networking for the Nineties: A Youth Arts Seminar
Sub-report for the World Report on Culture and Development*
Survive or Die: Sustainable Tourism in Practice
The Continuing Decline in Discretionary Awards from Local Authorities for Drama Students
Leisure and Recreation Statistics 1994/95 Estimates
Local Authority Arts Expenditure in Scotland 1992/93
London and the Lottery: Samples of Capital Need in the Arts in Greater London
Public Attitudes to Local Authority Arts Funding
Careers and Training in Dance and Drama
Made in Heaven: working partnerships between the TECs and LECs, and the arts and entertainment sector
A New Partnership?: TECs and the Voluntary Sector
Learning through Theatre
Literature in Education
Older and Wiser: A Study of Educational Provision for Black and Ethnic Minority Elders
Review of Instrumental Music Services