About Arts Research Digest

Arts Research Digest provides a unique overview of current research in the arts, media and cultural sectors worldwide. Our mission is to facilitate and promote the exchange of research and ideas between local and national cultural sectors in the UK and all over the world.

As early as 1994 Arts Research Limited recognised that the wealth of diversity within our sector, coupled with its organic interdisciplinarity, urgently demands a means of bringing together valuable research from the many specialist fields within its remit. Arts Research Digest fulfills this need, supplying a vital information resource to cultural managers, arts and cultural organisations, academics, policy-makers, arts practitioners, researchers, consultants and funders.

A wide range of pre-published or in-progress qualitative and quantitative cultural research is summarised in each new issue of Arts Research Digest. The research may be submitted to Arts Research Digest by researchers or publishers themselves, or sourced from academic institutions, cultural funding and development agencies, government departments, independent researchers and consultants, local authorities and others. Our past issues are stored in our online archives, and alongside our partner archives from Arts Council England, form an ever-expanding knowledge base to which our subscribers enjoy unlimited access.

From January 2010 Arts Research Digest will be published six times a year, in response to demand from subscribers. Issue 48 (January 2010) is our first exclusively online issue, and to be followed by issue 49 in March.

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